$3,000.00 USD

MentorOps Coaching Program

Welcome to MentorOps, where your entrepreneurial dream meets a community dedicated to making it a reality. Founded by the seasoned entrepreneur and coach Ian Inman, MentorOps is a hub of learning, support, and growth for early-stage entrepreneurs and startups. MentorOps is built on the belief that every entrepreneur has the potential to create change. We're here to nurture that potential through collective wisdom, shared experiences, and a supportive environment. Our community is your stepping stone to transforming ideas into successful enterprises.

What You Gain with MentorOps:

  • Guidance from Ian Inman & Experts: Benefit from Ian's wealth of experience and learn from his journey of resilience and success. Our guest speakers, including top entrepreneurs and professionals, bring diverse perspectives and insights.

  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions: Engage in interactive sessions focusing on practical strategies to start and scale your business, facilitated by Ian and guest experts.

  • Collaborative Community: Connect with a network of aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and build relationships that foster personal and professional growth.

  • Resourceful Learning: Access a curated library of resources tailored to the needs of emerging businesses. From step-by-step guides to case studies, equip yourself with tools essential for entrepreneurial success.

  • Personal and Professional Growth: At MentorOps, we believe in growing together. Our platform is not just about business success; it's about personal development, resilience, and realizing your true potential.

Who Should Join?

MentorOps welcomes anyone at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're nurturing an idea or laying the foundation of your startup, our community is here to support, inspire, and guide you.

Be Part of Something Bigger:

MentorOps isn't just a community; it's a movement towards empowering entrepreneurial spirits with purpose, passion, and perseverance. Join us and be a part of a journey that values impact, fosters growth, and celebrates success together.